Belly Wrapping in Pregnancy

belly wrapping in pregnancy

Did you know that you can wrap your baby before they’re even born?! Yup, you can do some belly wrapping as you await their arrival! 

Benefits of belly wrapping:

  • Provides support of your growing belly
  • Relieves pain and discomfort on your hips and back
  • Helps break in your wrap before your little one’s arrival 

You can use a ring sling, woven wrap, or stretchy wrap to do this!


Here I am, belly wrapping at 28 weeks in a Didymos Prima, Cornflower hemp.


And 12 weeks later, here I am at 40 weeks in a Didymos Prima:

Allie 40 weeks little zen one

Here's a customer, Ryanne, in the new Didymos Lisca Petrol, belly wrapping at 32 + 4 weeks.

Ryanne, 32 + 4 weeksBelly wrapping in DIDYMOS Petrol

Posted by Little Zen One on Thursday, February 25, 2016

This is another customer, Miranda Henning, with her belly wrapped in a Didymos Rainbow Tri-Blend at 28 weeks:


This is Jenna, at 33 weeks using a Didymos Prima Monochrome Hemp Ring Sling:



Are you ready to give it a try? Here are some tutorials by Wrap You In Love:

Belly wrapping with a Ring Sling 

Belly wrapping with a Short Woven Wrap

Belly wrapping with a Sweetheart Finish with a long Woven Wrap

Belly wrapping with a Stretchy/Jersey Wrap

You will find a large variety of woven wraps, ring slings, and stretchy wraps that will carry your little one from pregnancy and beyond. 

Have you enjoyed belly wrapping for support during pregnancy? 


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