Belly Wrapping in Pregnancy

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Belly Wrapping in Pregnancy

Belly wrapping provides support, relief, and comfort for your hips, belly, and back during pregnancy. It also helps to break in your wrap before your little one arrives.
You can use your ring sling, woven wrap, or stretchy wrap to do this.

Here I am, at 40 weeks in a Didymos Prima.

Allie 40 weeks little zen one

Here's a customer, Ryanne, in the new Didymos Lisca Petrol, belly wrapping at 32 + 4 weeks.

Ryanne, 32 + 4 weeksBelly wrapping in DIDYMOS Petrol Liscabit.ly/liscapetrol

Posted by Little Zen One on Thursday, February 25, 2016

Here's how to wrap YOUR belly. These are tutorial videos by Wrap You In Love:

Belly wrapping with a Ring Sling 
Belly wrapping with a Short Woven Wrap
Belly wrapping with a Sweetheart Finish with a long Woven Wrap
Belly wrappping with a Stretchy/Jersey Wrap

Here I am, belly wrapping at 28 weeks in a Didymos Prima, Cornflower hemp.


We carry a large variety of Didymos woven wraps and ring slings and the CuddlyWrap stretchy wrap at Little Zen One.

Have you enjoyed belly wrapping for support during pregnancy?


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