Celebrating your love - from We to Us

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Celebrating your love - from We to Us

Happy Valentine’s day! These days it is more of a family celebration but it can still be romantic. And what is more romantic than a baby carrier!? 

Clockwise from top left: Vanamo Kide Loimu Ring Sling, Sweetheart Gift Tags, Didymos Woven Wrap,  Didymos Bows, , Baby Lip Balm,   

So whether you and your partner like baking cookies together, going for a neighborhood walk holding hands or cooking a meal together, your baby carrier will keep your little one comfy while you do all the romantic things you want to do.

Little Zen One Valentine's 4

Visit to a restaurant, why not?  Movie, cafe, shopping, the opportunities for the romantic family Valentine’s Day are endless.

Little Zen One Valentine's 3

Clockwise from top left: Angel Wings JacketMamaJacket, DidyTai Ada Pink 

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