National Indigenous Peoples Day: Ellie's Story

National Indigenous People's Day: Ellie's babywearing Story
Hello, LZO followers and family 👋!!! My name is Ellie, and I am lucky enough to be one of the baby wearing reps!!! Today is National Indigenous Peoples Day, and a day to celebrate our unique history and culture.
ellie back carry didymos didyklick
Indigenous People’s include those who are First Nations, Inuit, and Métis. I, myself, am First Nations from the Wei Wai Kum band of the Kwakwaka’wakw First Nation. I am a resident in Family Medicine through UBC. So as a Western medical provider who also grew up on reserve and believes in the value and benefit of traditional practices and medicines, I often feel I walk between two different worlds.
ellie foraging national indigenous people's day
For me, baby wearing is a connection to my ancestral roots and a way to bring tradition home into our daily life. An intuitive knowing, trusting my inner knowledge that baby wearing is right for me and my family
and honoring culture as medicine.
ellie didyklick tail foraging fern nationnal indigenous people's day
In these photos, we are foraging in the woods - something I couldn’t do with a stroller! What’s more, he is seeing what I see, smelling what I smell, and can touch what I am close to. Through baby wearing, me and my child can experience cultural activities together and bond together in a very special way.
ellie back carry woven wrap sole levante
So! Snuggles your babies close today. And I would love if you research and learn something new about Indigenous People’s today. For example, on who’s unceded lands do you reside? Is there a local Indigenous artist you can discover?
What activities, be it land or water, have Indigenous People’s in your area traditionally and present day engage in? Share below, I’d love to hear it!! ✨💖🌿
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