New Release: Tula Explore

New Release: Tula Explore

Welcome another world facing carrier to the shop, the Tula Explore. This carrier promises to shine as much as Tula's other baby carriers.  What we love?

My first review of Tula - this thing is SOFT. I am used to quality woven wraps, and was surprised at the material of this buckle carrier. Lightweight, moldable, breathable - and oh so fun with beautiful prints to choose from.

When I reach for a soft structured carrier - the Tula is what I grab. We have a Free-to-Grow and Standard. I prefer the first, and Daniel the latter.

I am looking forward to having another baby so I can wear them in Explore!

It offers the same feature as the Tula FTG - it's insert free (and thus, hassle free.)

You can back carry and front carry - ergonomically facing in and facing out.

Now, which to choose?

The first round of prints includes too neutrals: Sleepy Dust and Forever, and a Pink - Bloom, and Blue - Everblue.

tula baby carrier explore forever tula baby carrier explore bloomtula baby carrier explore everbluetula baby carrier explore sleepy dust

What do you think?

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They look a lot comfier for everyone than the other FF carriers I’ve seen


Hubby keeps asking “can baby face out in this?” each time one of your carrier’s arrives at the doorstep! We are also going on vacation in April and a full buckle would be convenient to carry our 30lb, 7 month old 😀. So we would love to try a Tula!

Jennie Mukattash

I’m an exclusively woven wraps only mama but I would love to finally try a Tula with all the rave reviews I’ve been hearing from my fellow wrap friends.

JM Lee

I love the look & prints! I wrap carry my little one & can’t wait to try out a Tula buckle carrier.


I’ve never been able to afford a tula but would love to have one!

Jamie d

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