The SleepBelt is a premium quality product designed for the 4th trimester and beyond; it is recommended in "Sweet Sleep" by La Leche League International, is a PTPA Winner and a Champion of the Center for Babywearing Studies.  It is used in hospitals in NICUs and with full term babies. The SleepBelt is a prefect baby shower gift for expectant or new parents.

How is it different? 
- Quick & easy to get on
- Has unique 4-way stretch, which naturally mimics the womb
- Allows baby to be in their most comfortable position: legs straight, tucked, or froggy style
- Comfortable for the wearer: no knots, clips or buckles to dig in, no strain on the neck back or shoulders
- Unisex & adjustable
- Versatile: skin-to-skin (0-3 months), forward facing on lap (when baby has full neck/head control and can sit with your support), gentle chair restraint (when baby can sit unassisted - do not leave baby unattended.)

A hands free skin-to-skin support system and nap wrap - sleep belt - the SleepBelt allows baby to sleep sound, snug and secure on parents chest while giving parents their hands back to read, use a tablet, or their smart phone. It belts your sleeping newborn baby to you, enabling and encouraging rest and recovery while easing your baby from womb to world. When baby outgrows SleepBelt's skin-to-skin application, you can use it to keep baby snug on your lap or chair.  

The SleepBelt should fit snugly around the caregiver, and will stretch to hug baby (even twins!) 
Small: 22" - 34" (size 0-10)
Medium: 30” - 42” (size 8-18)
Large: 38” - 50” (size 16-26)

Designed and made in Toronto, Canada.

We offer flat rate, and carrier calculated shipping.

In- Stock orders ship within 48 hours from Niagara Fall or Buffalo, New York.

In the United States UPS + USPS.

Internationally with USPS, Asendia, and DHL.

Outside of the USA? You may be charged customs fees.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
perfect new baby gift

I bought a sleep belt for my friend as i really valued this product when I had a newborn. Babies like to stay close when they first arrive and this product makes it easy for them to sleep comfortably on your chest while you sit and rest.

A great Gift

My son and daughter-in-law love the SleepBelt. Baby Oliver can sleep comfortably while Dad's working at his computer.

Safe sleeping for my little one

Before getting the SleepBelt I was so afraid that my little one was going to roll off my chest, even with my hands on him. When you're a new mom and you're exhausted, the last thing you need to be worried about is whether or not your child is safe sleeping on you. Any sleep for a newborn is great sleep but being able to relax with the Sleepbelt on is perfection! Thank you SleepBelt for reducing my "Mommy Anxiety"!!!