Belly Bedaine Kuuma Babywearing Sweater

$125.00 $110.00

Belly Bedaine Kuuma Babywearing Sweater

$125.00 $110.00
Belly Bedaine Babywearing Sweater Sizing
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Chest 35 36-38 39-41 42-44 45-47 48-50
Hips 37 38-41 42-44 45-47 48-50 51-53

Belly Bedaine Kuuma Babywearing SweaterThis amazing sweater can be worn for carrying little ones in colder weather on your front or back, or while pregnant.

It's a simple, pull-on, sweater,  with a side zipper to make it easy to get it on and off. However, because this sweater is thicker and less stretchy than the Kangaroo and Kiroo, some Little Zen One customers have found that getting the sweater on over a back carry takes practice, so please take note.

This version is also longer and accommodates warmer clothing underneath.
For the temperature, it depends on what you wear underneath and the wind and humidity factors, but it can be worn between 50 to 14 Fahrenheit (
10 and -10 degrees Celsius.)

Proudly designed and manufactured in Quebec, Canada

The Kuuma Sweater  is made of PDR (Ponte de Roma) a tight knit jersey knit and polar fleece (100% Polyester)

(Important to note that this is not a baby carrier)

The hood for parent and little one are not included.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Super soft

This sweater is so soft and cuddly! It’s perfect for snuggling your little one in their wrap or carrier. It can be used front or back.

Good idea, tough to use - recommend sizing up.

I liked the material of this coat and it was warm and attractive. Although it was the correct size for me, worked great in a front carry, and fit was good once it was on, it was extremely difficult to put on by myself in a back carry with my 9 month old. Even worse, it was impossible to get off without help. It kept getting stuck on my shoulders. If you were to get this, I would definitely size up as I think that would have made it much easier to use. I would also not recommend getting this if your shoulders are not too flexible and go for something either more stretchy or that opens up all the way. There is a video for how to use it if you go to youtube and I would watch that first too. The customer service was excellent - someone took time to go over various other options for exchange. However, I was looking for a very specific use, so I ended up shipping it back for a refund. Although this item did not work for me, I would definitely buy from LZO again.

Love my new Kuuma

Placing my order went extremely smoothly and I received exceptional customer service. I love my new sweater which is replacing my Lenny lamb sweater that I just really did not like. The kuuma fits so nicely and is a lot easier to put on and take off just like the kangaroo. My only complaint is that because I am thin I find that it's not as warm as it would be on someone who was a bit bigger... I wear a small and I would say a comfortable temperature in it would be 5 degrees or 0 degrees with sun but if it's windy the wind goes right through it. That being said it is definitely warmer than my kangaroo sweater so it's a perfect Springtime baby wearing jacket right now. Extremely happy with my purchase


I was so eager to love this, but unfortunately, after a month, have yet to be able to successfully get my baby and I in it as a back carry. It is exceedingly difficult to use without a second person. It's super warm and cozy, but the video listed here is not the same coat, and the thickness makes it much harder. Also does not run true to size - size up at least one or two sizes.