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Didymos Baby Woven Wrap Prima Corallina hemp

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Didymos Prima Corallina hemp! A thicker weight hemp in a stunning coral colour. 

This is an iconic Didymos weave and a fan favourite. Having existed in different permutations since the 1970's this weave has withstood the test of time and passing trends. With their classic look and airy weave, there is one for everyone. We find them easy to wrap with, soft after just one wash, and visually stunning. It’s a personal favourite at Little Zen One, comprising a good deal of our stash.

Hemp offers superb moldability and support. Hemp wraps become cushiony - a wrap quality referred to as cush or bounce - and buttery soft when broken in. Hemp fibres have a lovely sheen. A thicker hemp wrap may take longer to “break in” but will be worth the effort. Like all Didymos wraps, they offer support in the width and length, but have nice diagonal stretch.

60% Organic Cotton, 40% Hemp
Coral, Natural
270 GSM
Release Date: May 9, 2016

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Customer Reviews

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Boys wear pink too!

Did you know Pantone named “Coral” as Colour of the Year 2019? Yes, but Didymos was doing coral before coral was cool 😎 Prima Corallina (2016) is stunning; the coral warp is vibrant and soft, while the white weft is shiny and strong. Together they make a wrap that is a toddler-prison dream, holds firm any wrap job, stunning enough for a fancy occasion, but still easy care for every day use. We LOVE this wrap. Thanks LZO for the recommendation!

Obsessed with this wrap

Corallina is wonderful for my 21 lb baby -- strong and supportive in single pass carries, amazing cush for my finicky shoulders, gorgeous summery color and a bit grippy. The thickness and grip make it a little tough to tighten perfectly, but they also make it very forgiving of lazy wrap jobs!

Un bijou d'écharpe

Elle est magnifique, plus belle en vrai que sur photo !
Une belle grippe et un bon soutient.
Ni trop mince ni trop épaisse, une écharpe parfaite.
Amoureux d'elle des le premier essaie après l'avoir fait tremper, laver et repasser.


It has cushioning properties and it is easy to handle.
The color is also beautiful!

After 21 days I’m still waiting for my Corallina...


Corallina is a toddler prison

This wrap has such great support! It levitates toddlers and has a great balance of structure and stretch. It’s an amazing ringsling as well as wrap.

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