Didymos Baby Woven Wrap Prima Sole Occidente


Didymos Baby Woven Wrap Prima Sole Occidente

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Didymos Prima Sole Occidente, one of Didymos most popular wraps, a gorgeous gradation. Thin, soft, and incredibly beautiful.

This is an iconic Didymos weave and a fan favourite. Having existed in different permutations since the 1970's this weave has withstood the test of time and passing trends. With their classic look to their airy weave, there is one for everyone. We find them easy to wrap with, soft after just one wash, and visually stunning. It’s a personal favourite at Little Zen One, comprising a good deal of our stash.

Like all Didymos wraps, this baby sling offer support in the width and length, but have nice diagonal stretch. 

Some sizes may take 2 weeks to ship

100% Organic Cotton
Dark Blue, Purple, Turquoise, Pink
190 GSM
Released: October 7, 2014

How do you wash your Didymos? Washing instructions

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Loving this wrap! For a semi beginner like me, it isn't taking me long to get the hang of using it and trying different carry options ❤ And my LO seems to really love being in this woven wrap!

Prima Sole Occidente

It is such a beautiful wrap...soft and easy to manipulate, even for beginners like me. I loved the colours and my little one liked the hug from it :)

Lovely thin wrap

Grabbed the package from my mail box and noticed how light weight is this wrap. Took it out of the package and saw how thin, airy and beautiful it is.
It was super easy to wrap with. Tried a size 7 which is 2 sizes longer than my base size and I didn’t feel like there were a lot of fabric adding weight around me neither baby like some thicker wraps do.
This wrap is great for either winter, summer or indoors. Just need to make more passes over baby’s back if it is cold, dress baby properly and/or just toss a big winter jacket over you and baby and you will both love it.
As you can see on the pics, the color way is so beautiful!

Beautiful, snuggly, and lightweight!

I had an opportunity to try this wrap through Little Zen One's try-before-you buy program. This wrap is so beautiful and amazingly lightweight and soft! I was sad to see it leave when our time with it was done. I would absolutely recommend this wrap for any skill level. Great for newborns and an excellent choice for multiple pass carries with a toddler.