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Care Instructions for Ring Slings

Wondering how to wash a ring sling? You're in the right place.

At Little Zen One, we feel that all ring slings should be washed prior to their first use. While some ring slings come ready-to-wear out of the box, you’ll find the first use much more enjoyable after a wash and dry. This will also help set the weave of the fabric which is especially important with airier weaves. Ring slings will even arrive slightly longer to allow for shrinkage.  

Washing - Follow these steps to prevent damage to your rings and washing machine:

1. Take the fabric out of the rings.
2. Put a pair of socks over the rings.
3. Load it in the machine, alone
4. Set the of water on your washing machine to a temperature recommended by the care tag. If you don't know, use cool water.
5. Use a low or no scent liquid laundry detergent free from optical brighteners, softening agents or bleach.* 
6. Hang to dry, or tumble on low if the care tag permits.
7. Enjoy! 

how to wash a ring sling, step by step instructions

* If it doesn't say no optical brighteners, it has them! Not sure? Use a half cup of vinegar instead. We like to load some in the wash and some in the fabric softener compartment.

Recommended Detergents:
We like low scent or no scent detergent with no Optical Brighteners; such as:

Nature Clean Liquid, Seventh Generation Liquid, Ecos Free and Clear and Ecover (In the US). 

Do not use fabric softener or bleach products – or detergents which include them!


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