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In the Winter of 2014, my partner Daniel and I welcomed our stunning baby boy - Tenzen. It was a particularly long and cold winter, and we found ourselves housebound. It was a difficult time. Luckily, our doula encouraged us to discover the world of babywearing. We embraced the practice immediately because it gave us freedom, first within our home, and then, when it warmed up, traveling in and around the city.

One of my fondest memories was the first time I could go to the laundromat, and do the laundry, with the little one sleeping safely on my front.  Being able to have my hands free was so liberating!

Over time, babywearing has become many things for my family. My partner loves using the wrap to put the baby to bed or take him to daycare, where I find it especially helpful in exploring our new city, picking up a much needed coffee or in a busy commute on packed public transit.

Since finding our passion for babywearing, I have become a Babywearing Consultant I have helped family, friends, and acquaintances learn to confidently use seemingly intimidating baby carriers. My goal is to share the babywearing love, to share the comfort and convenience that we’ve experienced, with others.

We take care to only stock babywearing carriers and accessories that are organic, fair trade, or handmade. 

I hope your babywearing experience will be as rewarding as ours has been.


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Update: May 24, 2016

I am pleased to announce the LZO family is growing. Tenzen is now 29 months, and his baby brother -in my belly- is 29 weeks. Looking forward to to squish wrapping!

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Update: March 3, 2017 

Baby Kahlo is now 6 months old and crawling. The time has flown by. He loves being worn. Here is a pic of him and Daniel when he was 3 months old.daniel kahlo little zen one

Thanks for shopping with us. We are happy you are here.

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