Copy of How To Choose A Baby Carrier

how to choose a baby carrier

When it comes to baby carriers, there are lots of options out there, each with its own characteristics and benefits.

To determine which carrier will best meet your needs, we suggest you consider the following:

The age of the little one(s) you plan to carry
Where and how you plan to carry (to do daily activities, around town, for travel, etc.)
Your size and the size of anyone else using the carrier
Any physical limitations
The climate you live in

Below you will find an overview of the types of carriers you will find at Little Zen One, including why we love them and for whom they work best.

If you need additional help to figure out which option is right for you (or to understand sizing and/or material differences), we’re here for you - even during those middle of the night feeds. Please feel free to reach out.
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Woven Wrap

Overview:​​ A wrap is a length of woven fabric that is securely tied around the baby and caregiver. Wraps are incredibly versatile, have been around forever, stand the test of time, and are easier to use than you might imagine.

Why we love woven wraps:​​ They are, quite simply, the perfect tool for carrying your babe – from birth up to (and beyond) the toddler years. Woven wraps are incredibly comfortable and secure, facilitate back carrying at an early age, and allow for easy, hands-free nursing. They are incredibly beautiful textiles and have excellent resale value.

Best for: ​​In our opinion, woven wraps are for ​everyone, as they can be used by adults (and children) of all sizes and in countless ways. They’re an excellent choice for those with back and/or shoulder issues because of how they distribute little one’s weight.