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Didymos Baby Woven Wrap Love Blue tussah silk

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Didymos Love Blue (azur) tussah silk. Luxurious and elegant silk blend. A message of love written in 45 languages. Super limited edition.
Silk is lightweight, strong, and shimmery! These wraps have incredible drape and are soft and easy to wrap with.

75% Organic Cotton, 25% Tussah Silk
Azure Blue, Raw White
190 GSM
Released November 23, 2016
 How do you wash your Didymos? Please read: Washing instructions

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Color is divine, smooth silky

I wrap very seldom but as luck would have it I have wrapped two kids on seperate occasion. My daughter who is 6 and 70# asked for an up. Not easy. My wrap job loose and terrible. I felt the strength of the material as I wasn't uncomfortable. My son is 4 and 39#. I thought I had improved my tightening but little guy was worming around so. It could have been tighter. It's a lovely silky

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