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FrejaToys Monochrome Necklace

FrejaToys Monochrome nursing necklace with juniper beads is a wonderful idea of a new mom gift!
The nursing necklace is breastfeeding and babywearing moms essential! :)

Mom necklace catches your baby's attention while breastfeeding and stimulate your little one to look and explore, helps to evolve fine motor skills of your baby. The necklace is completely safe for baby to chew on and can be used as a baby teether for your little one.

The nursing necklace is great for teething. Wood is the most natural material that a child can put in the mouth, it is free of chemicals and dyes that can be found in plastic.

Very organic feel, perfect for those who cares about natural parenting.

♥ The necklace is completely safe for the baby to chew on.
♥ Wooden pendant is hand carved and highly polished, smooth, with no sharp edges.
♥ The covered beads and unfinished applewood beads are threaded onto a crochet cotton string.
♥ The beads are fixed on the string with knots.
♥ The string can be adjusted.
♥ Crocheted beads measure: 0,7" / 1,8 cm.
♥ Overall necklace length is 47" / 120 cm.

This nursing necklace is 100% natural. The wooden beads are covered with a 100% cotton thread. The wood we use (applewood or juniperwood) is produced in the ecologically clean areas of the Carpathians. All our products are manufactured in Ukraine (Eastern Europe).

Materials: cotton thread, juniper, love

Wash the necklace by hand with mild soap in warm water. Do not soak.

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