Integra Baby Carrier Didymos Zephyr Silk


Integra Baby Carrier Didymos Zephyr Silk

Integra Baby Sizing

What size Integra Baby Carrier do you need?

All models have been tested to be suitable to carry a weight of up to  53 lb / 23 kg and all models fold up to fit in your bag easily.

Creates a seat up to 16 inches wide
Panel height i20 inches high 
Where panel attaches to waistband is 14 inches wide

Suitable from birth / 7.5lbs to 53 lbs. To use the Integra Baby size 1 from birth you simply use the provided accessory strap to create the perfect fit for your baby.
This flexibility ensures that the size 1 Integra Baby is suitable for a longer time and can be used until a child is approximately 2.5 years old.

Creates a seat up to 18 inches wide
Panel height is 22 inches high 
Where panel attaches to waistband is 16 inches wide

The size 2 is suitable from approximately 18 months / 22 lbs 53 lbs - the exact age varies depending on the weight and height of your child.
Ideal for front or back carrying and suitable until your child is around 3.5 years of age.

Creates a seat up to 20 inches wide
Panel height 24 inches high 
Where panel attaches to waistband is 18 inches wide 

The size 3  is the biggest size and is suitable from around 3 years / 33 lb of age until around 6 years and beyond for shorter carrying moments.

Integra Baby Carrier Didymos Zephyr silk. What a collaboration. Loved by kids and often used as a pattern for quilts and other textiles, the dynamic pinwheel design is also a great pattern for carriers - and it shines when you add silk. Deep blue cotton with shimmering silk in cyclamen, teal and turquoise, this carrier is not to be missed.

Light, ergonomic design for optimal support and comfort for infant and carer. This sleek one-piece design incorporating a large sun/sleeping hood that fastens with small buckles to the shoulder straps to keep baby shaded or support a sleeping head. Designed by Sarah Sadler, the Integra Baby is the must have essential for the style conscious parent. Sarah has worked in the baby carrying industry for over 11 years and is the longest practising Babywearing Consultant in the UK.

Key Features of the Integra Baby
Soft waist to create a perfect fit every time.
Dual Adjustable buckles to ensure an easy close fit.
Easy to adjust to different sizes.
Front and back carry options.
Ergonomic Design, Optimal support and comfort for infant and carer.
Compact and machine washable.
Birth to Toddler and Safety tested.

Didymos Zephyr silk woven organic cotton  and silk outer
 60% Organic Cotton, 40% Silk
Oeko Tex Black Cotton Straps and Inner
Made in the UK
Washable: Hand Wash With Lukewarm Water. Do Not Spin Dry!

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