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Expand Your World With Us

Being a parent is a beautiful thing. It can inspire us, challenge us, and move us to tears and we’re forever changed by the magnitude of those itty bitty humans we love with such depth.

We’re here to enhance your experience as your family expands and evolves. Through the precious moments, the hard times, and the whirlwind of parenting...

...we exist for you and your little ones.

We know just what you’re going through and Little Zen One is in the business of happy parents and happy babies.

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that most babies are happiest and most comfortable when they’re snuggled up against the warm vitality of your body. And when the baby is happy, it’s a lot easier for the parents to be happy.

Most babies cry less and feel safer and calmer when you wear them, not to mention (huge bonus) it’s a lovely bonding experience for both you and your baby.

Babywearing is the game-changer that every parent needs.

You’ll have the freedom of a hands-free existence, so seize the day however you want while your little one enjoys your warmth, the sound of your breath and heart, and the familiar sway of your body’s motion.  

Why we LOVE all things BABYWEARING...

When our first son was born, babywearing saved our sanity and gave us the confidence we desperately needed as brand new parents. And the freedom! One of my fondest memories is of the first time I went to the laundromat (and actually did the laundry) with my tiny guy sleeping safely on my front. Talk about liberation!

But babywearing wasn’t just a blissful miracle for me - my partner loved it too. He’d use our wrap to bond with the baby while lulling him to sleep, take him to daycare, or head out on adventures around the city. Did you know you can hold a coffee and a scone while wearing your baby? It’s genius.

So genius, in fact, that I decided to start a business sharing the magic of babywearing. Helping people find the right carrier and then showing them how to use these magical pieces of fabric for totally magical outcomes…

Have I mentioned how magical babywearing is?

At Little Zen One, we sell more than just baby carriers, we sell comfort, confidence, and convenience because, when you find the right carrier, the world opens up in a whole new way.

and the Little Zen One family

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