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This is PERFECT for newborns. My two youngest were in it from day one. So soft, so comfortable and so supportive.

The Whole Family is in ❤️
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Our new Tula makes baby wearing a delight for everyone. )! So easy to put on. Our little man falls asleep in it around the house and we love the closeness and comfort... My husband, babe and I all adore it!

I really expected to not like the Didyklick.
Verified Purchase

As a skeptic of anything outside of wraps I really expected to not like the Didyklick. Boy was I wrong!! It is easy to use and swap between front and back carries, comfortable AND breastfeeding friendly. On top of all that, my husband felt confident enough to wear our daughter on his back for the first time using it!

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Comfy, but thinner than I expected

This sweatshirt is comfy, but a little thinner than I expected. Helps keep the body heat in well though and covers neck and chest better than most. True to size.

Not my favourite

It’s okay, I got this wrap in a shorty and I’m not sure it’s made for that. It’s quite thick and so using it for ruck tub or dh cccb is hard to tie. The knots are quite bulky so if you’re used to tying in the taper you’ll probably struggle with this one. It’s a beautiful wrap, so so soft, just not my fave didy.

All the best carrier features all in one!

My only regret is not having purchased this carrier sooner! With both my kids, early weeks were in a stretchy wrap... but then the time would come where long walks meant sore back, and it was time to move to my structured carrier. I live my SSC, but would alway miss the snug cuddle from the stretchy wrap days, but don’t see myself learning with woven wraps, as much as I find them so gorgeous.

This is the perfect carrier, and has all the best components - supportive with the waist buckle and weight distribution with the wrap straps (happy back), quick and easy to get babe up, the cozy snuggled fit of a stretchy wrap, and so many beautiful woven patterns to choose from! Oh... can’t forget that it’s full of baby sleepy dust... giving mama some hands free quiet. It is saving me during this current virtual school pandemic life!!!

I did the TBYB program for the didygo with my 1 year old. Maybe my little one was having an off week or she wasn't comfortable in this carrier because she didn't want to go in it after I was initially able to try it out, which was too bad because this carrier is super easy to get on your back. It is also small and compact if you are taking it on the go. I hope my LO will prefer this when she is a bit older, because I really loved the flexibility and practicality of the didygo.


Not only they are fun, but are extremely well made. Worth the price. My son does not slip in them even though we have hard wood floors at home.

Didn’t think I’d love hemp!

This came to me as a try before you buy wrap and I was skeptical. When I first tried it, it was still crunchy and I was kinda meh about it. Then as I used it more (even after only 3 wrapping sessions) it started to get soft and the color really started growing on me. It is lighter and thinner than my 100% cotton wrap, and I find myself reaching for it every time I want to wrap my squish. It tightens easily which is great for my beginner skills. Ohhhhh how badly I want to buy this beauty! My hubs may kill me but I may do it anyway! I’d love to get my toddler in it to see if it hold up to her weight, but so far she has refused.

Great all arounder!

This can be a one and done wrap. I just love this weave. It has good grip/glide balance, is easy care and supportive. The pattern is lovely and its fun to see different parts of the pattern with different carries.

Beautiful and Cozy!

This wrap is a beautiful rust color. It is NOT Halloween orange. Its so soft and cozy. Its thin with good grip/glide balance. I find it supportive enough for my 28lb toddler.

So cozy and supportive

We love our jade didyklick! It’s supportive enough for long walks and easy for naps on the go! The fabric was a bit stiff at first but after a wash and wear, it’s softened up!


This woven wrap is a beautiful one. I’m not a fan of yellow but in person this is absolutely stunning. Unfortunately I didn’t snag any photos of us using this with the TBYB program.


This is my very first wrap! I bought it before our baby came so I didn't use it with a LO yet but I am belly wrapping and it's the best. I also have one of those belts for pregnancy but the support and the comfiness that the wrap provides is impossible to beat! I haven't washed it yet but I am assuming it will become softer than how it is right now giving that it was pretty easy to break in only by belly wrapping.
Also the color is beautiful!

Sturdy and sleek

Great quality and a nice sleek finish.

Softest baby blankets

These are by far the softest baby blankets that we purchased for our little guy! They’re so light and airy and perfect for baby snuggles.

Wish I Bought Sooner

The cost originally stopped me from buying the Sleel Belt but I split the cost with my sister and I wish I had bought this sooner! My son is almost 3 months old and the Sleep Belt holds him very securely and he enjoys facing forward in it. This definitely would be handy for when he was first born and my sister will have the opportunity. The one downside is that while I understand why there are different sizes my partner and I are not the same size and buying 2 is not an option. Its unfortunate that only one of us can use this product.

Best headphones for little ones

We have one of these for my older son and love them for noisy events, so I was thrilled that Little Zen One carried the same print. Now we have a matching set!

Best baby blankets

The Tula blankets are so soft and such beautiful prints. I can't believe I waited so long to get them.

Beautiful purple ring sling

I fell in love with the purple hues of this ring sling, and it does not disappoint. The purple changes based on light. It's a medium weight, so it took a bit of breaking in but is now my go-to-sling!

Dreamy wrap

Allie recommended this wrap to me after I told her I was looking for something with red in it. Intermezzo is not only gorgeous in person but also wraps so beautifully. It's supportive, has the perfect amount of grip, and glides! I just love it more and more each time I use it. There are two red strips, one at the top and one about 1/2 way down, and the colours are so fun when wrapped. If you like blue or red, go for this wrap, you won't regret it.

Such a happy wrap

I first tried Cleo as part of the "try before you buy program" with the ring sling. I just fell in love with the stripes and the colour way and have been wanting the wrap since. It is lightweight but supportive and the colours are so just happy, you can't not smile when you have this wrap on.

Supportive and easy to use.

I love the Ada weave, it's both supportive and easy to use. The colours of the Ada Glacier are beautiful, the pictures don't do it justice. This is a very beginner friendly wrap.

Absolute Perfection!

I was a little unsure if I would like the hemp blend in this as I had heard it can be a bit stiff.
Holy smokes this blend is perfection!! It's soft, moldable, and thin (without digging in).
This tightened beautifully in 3 layer carries but also felt supportive and comfortable in single layer.
The colour is bright and beautiful too!

Try Before You Buy Review

This carrier is pretty much everything you want in a SSC. Felt safe and secure, has forward facing option, and the straps are super comfy! I was sad to send it on the the next TBYB host!

FINALLY a comfortable carrier for petite people!

The Didyklick is the best of both worlds, both SSC and woven wrap. I originally carried my son in a Boba but he was getting too heavy for it at 18lbs. I switched to woven wraps but he didn’t like waiting for me to wrap him for a back carry. So I decided to try a SSC and even went with one that had a seat. For my petite frame 5’2” and 120lbs, the SSC could not get tight enough like a wrap, so everytime my son leaned or wiggled, I felt a pull on my shoulders and lower back. I was torn between the Tula half buckle and the Didyklick, but Allie helped me make my decision and it was perfect! The Didyklick allows me to get a good snug fit and I can do a back carry super fast now! I also love how I can fan the tails wide on my shoulders for comfort. I know this review was long (I read every review on the Didyklick before buying) but hopefully it will help someone decide also! You won’t regret it if you’re petite, have a wiggly baby and love wrapping!

My go-to!

I just loooove this French Marigold pattern :) but beyond that, this is seriously a great carrier. It's very comfortable for long stretches of carrying and so adjustable that my mom, my partner and myself have all carried the baby at home for naps and out and about on walks. I even walk to baby's swimming lessons with him in front and a big backpack on my back, with no issues, and comfortably enough that he falls asleep :)

Practical and pretty!

I bought this DidyGo on a bit of a whim and I'm so glad I did! Even though I have a DidyKlick and a Tula carrier (both of which I also love), I find I turn to my DidyGo often for those quick back carries when I need to get chores done. My little one enjoys being carried in it and it's comfortable for both of us. Zephyr is very pretty but still neutral. Bonus - it's easy for my partner to also use and he's even gotten baby to fall asleep while building shelves! :)