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My back says thank you

I had the opportunity to host the traveling chili didyklick and after carrying my son for 2.5 hours with little to no back pain I was sold. The next step getting my husband to pick a colour he would wear. We decided on the Doubleface Anthracite and have been super happy with it. Just had our first snow storm of the season and was so much easier using the didyklick to walk my other son to school then trying to push the stroller through the snow. I so wish I had a didyklick with my first son. Looking forward to lots of opportunity to use our didyklick particularly for when we head to Disney. As our son is a little guy we have at least a couple years of Babywearing ahead of us.

Easy and comfy

All of the ease of a soft structured carrier with the comfort and weight distribution of a woven wrap. Easy to use at home and on the go. A great option for people who find woven wraps to be too much effort but dislike the fit or look of a SSC. And the Silver colorway is beautiful! A perfect neutral light gray.

Great babywearing accessory

This has been a great accessory to distract my little one when he’s getting fussy or to stop him from pulling at my hair when he nurses. I wish it had adjustable fastenings instead of open ends so I have to untie and retie if I need to change the lengths but it’s not a big deal.

Beautiful necklace. Looks great and made with great quality.

SOB is the best

SOB is so soft and supportive. It's OK as short wrap. I wanna other size too

Everything I wanted and more!

I had my eye on this pattern before my baby was born and just had not made the move to get it- sadly it was no longer showing in stock when I was ready. I messaged LZO and got a quick response they had one that got lost in the shuffle. Shipping was beyond quick and we are happily using our sling with our baby. Even my husband was stunned with how beautiful this ring sling is and how quickly we got it!

Loved the travel carrier so much that I bought one!

Way easier to put on than expected. Nice and cozy for me and baby! Silver matches everything but I ordered Jade for the pop of color.

Thin yet strong

It was a surprise... there’s so much cush for such a thin wrap, no digging or sagging! The wool in it was super warm, it’s great on its own for an Autumn walk. The black on black is so classic and beautiful. I got a size 7 which I might chop into a size 4 + ringsling.

I love it.

Prima Greenland hemp is beautiful green Color and moderate thickness for good Support. With two washings, it's getting softer.

Didyklick Zephyr

I recieved my zephyr promptly from Allie and LZO with an adorable handwritten note. My husband and I enjoy carrying our son didyklick since it is very customizable to our different body types. I recommend this carrier for anyone looking to transition from a stretchy wrap.

Perfect Jacket

This jacket is very thoughtfully made for babywearing. It is the perfect weight for Fall and Spring. I think it will be warm and cozy for the winter with an extra sweater underneath.

We love it!

First things first, I love how it was delivered in a cute bag, like this I can take it everywhere I want very easy. I love the material and the colour!
My daughter loves to be carried in the didyklick, for hours! It's very comfortable to wear and soo easy to put on! With the bucklebelt around my hips I feel safe and the rest is nicely adjustable like a sling.
Worth the money! Love it!

Kisses from Switzerland! 🥰✌🏼🌺❤

Didymos Crepelino Jade Woven Wrap

First linen ever! So breathable, perfect for hot weather. I live in a tropical country where it is sunny most time of the year and this wrap is perfect!

Didymos Hip Pack

So soft and beautiful right out of the package. Was surprised by the lightness of it and that there was even a divider built inside to separate my phone from my keys and change purse. Love the fact that there is a clip inside so I can easily find my keys now

At last... so worth the wait !!

I have wanted to get my hands on a Toronto lines anything since it was first released and I finally settled on a loop scarf. I’M IN LOVE 😍
This scarf is so well made and such a beautiful capture of Toronto. I get so many questions about how to get one because everyone loves it too. It’s warm, fashionable and will last for years ! What more could you ask for ?

Great for my curious toddler!

We love our Onbuhimo from Soul. It is super fast and easy to get on and off. We love it mostly because it has my son sit up higher on my back so he can see over my shoulders and basically see everything from my point of view! It’s great for adventures and exploring new places.

Wish I Had One Sooner!

We got our Beachfront Water Ring Sling just as summer was ending. Lucky for us, summer lasts a little longer in San Jose. It was so fun being able to splash around in the pool with my son attached to me. The sling didn’t weigh us down at all. It dries SUPER fast after using in water or washing. It’s also. Great sling for using while out and about in warmer weather, like walking around the farmers market.

Most Comfortable Back Carry!

Of all the carriers I have, the DidyKlick is my favorite to back carry with! It’s so comfy and is so versatile. I love that I can do all kinds of different finishes with it that you can’t do with a full buckle carrier.

Perfect Hot Weather sling

I live in the Equatorial climate which is mostly hot all the year round. Thus i need a thin and airy sling to cope with the weather. This sling is just perfect! Love the support, the lightweight and the colors are absolutely stunning!


The rose gold color is just PERFECT


This sling has been a great addition to our babywearing stash, it’s comfortable, supportive & SO high quality! My 30lbs 18 month old absolutely loves it and so do I. Despite the weight being on your shoulder you don’t get sore quickly due to how well the sling is made!

Gorgeous & Soft

These blankets are so gorgeous and soft, and the bag they come in is super cute, too!

Awesome carrier and beautiful design!

I love this carrier both for its pattern and how comfortable it is. My favourite thing is the fact that it’s a combo carrier that you can wear three ways!

Amazing, glamourous and easy care!

Wow!! This carrier is amazing. It has quickly become our new favourite! The leopard pattern adds a touch of glamour during our everyday activities. Yet, the medium weight cotton fabric is durable and can easily be washed if it gets dirty with sticky toddler hands. The didyklick is so easy to use, and definitely has a long life span to use from newborn into toddler hood. We love it! Thank you!!!!

Perfect and easy way to carry my little one!

I love this ring sling! I'm so glad I decided to purchase it. It's so easy to stick my little one in and go instead of having to fuss with trying a wrap, plus he can look around more in this carry position and check out the world! The fabric is great and sturdy. Will be using this daily!