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Lisca white rainbow

The colours of this wrap are just beautiful! It wraps like a dream. Providing softness, cush, and just enough stretch. It’s medium thick, easy to tighten and adjust, and very comfortable to wear on the shoulders. It is my go-to wrap for wrapping my newborn twins. It’s full of sleepy dust! Wrap naps are guaranteed.


Loving this wrap! For a semi beginner like me, it isn't taking me long to get the hang of using it and trying different carry options ❤ And my LO seems to really love being in this woven wrap!


I bought this carrier for my husband and he loves it. It’s comfortable on both him and I. Our baby loves it and this print is just amazing in real life! If you are on the fence, just buy it... you will love it.

Excellent and special customer service

This is a small company that really cares about what they are selling, and the families they are selling to. Allie was so kind in speaking with me to work out what kind of carrier would be best for my baby and I. It was a really unique shopping experience compared with amazon, I felt like I was buying local even though it was online. Shipping was quick. Price was great. Thanks so much!

Tula Explore

After looking into all the different carriers available I was 100% overwhelmed. Allie was incredibly helpful, listened to my needs/concerns and guided me towards the Tula Explorer. This is a gorgeous and comfortable carrier!

great rings, I love them

they were as expected, plus, nicely pacted with a thank you note. I love my rings :) thank you LZO

Comfortable & great pattern

Love this Tula. Great pattern and super comfortable

All the colors!

We love our rings especially to finish off our wraps instead of having to tie a knot! Awesome customer service and fast shipping!


Like many of us, I have to choose to spend my money very carefully. I am so glad I saved up for this carrier. It’s easy to use, comfortable, durable, and gorgeous!

so comfi, even at 9 month pregnant!!! (1-2 hours a day life saving with my 11 month old)
love the design :)

So beautiful!

I am so in love with this wrap! So excited to start getting my little up in the next few days!!

More beautiful in person

Beautiful high quality fabric and easy to use! This was my first meh dai that I ever used and I've been super pleased. Fabric is super soft and cuddly but the barrier feels super strong at the same time. I've worn this for long-ish walks and it's worked really well. Looks awesome if you wear a lot of neutral colors.

DIdymos Meh Dai DidyTai

This wrap is a God send!! My LO refused to go in the wrap we us to use when he was about 6 months old. This made life pretty difficult to get anything done because he always wanted to be held.
I spent about a month looking for a good wrap that would work well for us. I tried out several different kinds and had no luck with any of those.
This is it!!! 100% Best Buy I’ve made!!

Honestly the best baby essential. I am able to wear him all day. I can cook, clean, take care of everything I need. He even naps while he’s in there. The fabric is great. Soft and comfortable. The wide straps allow to distribute his weight so that I can wear him very comfortably for hours at a time which keeps him very happy and content !!!

Great carrier, great service!

My baby and I love using the didyklick!

Prima Sole Occidente

It is such a beautiful wrap...soft and easy to manipulate, even for beginners like me. I loved the colours and my little one liked the hug from it :)

Lovely thin wrap

Grabbed the package from my mail box and noticed how light weight is this wrap. Took it out of the package and saw how thin, airy and beautiful it is.
It was super easy to wrap with. Tried a size 7 which is 2 sizes longer than my base size and I didn’t feel like there were a lot of fabric adding weight around me neither baby like some thicker wraps do.
This wrap is great for either winter, summer or indoors. Just need to make more passes over baby’s back if it is cold, dress baby properly and/or just toss a big winter jacket over you and baby and you will both love it.
As you can see on the pics, the color way is so beautiful!

Fast shipping and perfect product

Thank you! Exactly as described. Included all Info pamphlets, tags, etc. I can’t wait to wear my new baby boy come May! Hopefully he loves this Tula as much as I do!

The pictures online do not do this mosaic sparks justice. It is stunning!!

Great choice!

We love our Didyckick! It's the only carrier my baby accept so I'm verry happy!

So far so good!

My babes have never loved being worn (this is our 3rd.) since we have 3 now I need my hands as much as possible in public, which is the main reason I’m trying a carrier again. So far we have only used this a couple times in the house to try and get baby used to it (he’s 3 months), he’s not a huge fan yet but I love it! Very easy to use and is super comfortable! I have used a more structured carrier in the past and was never a fan of the straps. Being able to customize this specifically for us is fantastic! It will be amazing once babe is more used to it, and since it will grow with us the price tag was a little easier to swallow.

Exactly what I needed

I was so happy to find the right size and colour of sling rings in time to finish sewing the sling for my daughter’s baby, before it arrived! Thank you so much!


This is the first woven wrap I have purchased but it is beautiful and easy to work with.

Great carrier

The DidyKlick is highly recommended by lots of wearers because it’s easy to switch among people and it’s comfy. The only thing that needs to be adjusted is the waist belt and then the shoulder wraps complete the carry! It can also be converted to an Onbuhimo (check YouTube for vids) but you do have to cover the Velcro inside or risk snagging the fabric. You don’t have to use a woven to do fancy finishes—you can use the DidyKlick with your back carry!

Super soft

This sweater is so soft and cuddly! It’s perfect for snuggling your little one in their wrap or carrier. It can be used front or back.

Gorgeous and soft

The hybrid jersey wrap is so soft right out of the package, and is perfect for little baby snuggles. The double face print is awesome and makes those fancy finishes look super cool! Imagine the softest terry lining your favorite sweatshirt fabric, and that’s what this wrap feels like.