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Seems great!

I haven’t used it in the water yet as it’s not warm enough to swim outside and because of covid, we can not get to a pool. But it does appear to be of great lightweight quality :)

Best blankets - hands down

We were given a set of these for our new baby,
- they are one of my favourite essentials.
They are large, very soft and warm (but the fabric is very light).
I have since gifted these to friends with new babies as I think they are an essential for any new parent. The quality is amazing. Highly recommend. They also ship super fast! Thank you

Love for Aomi

I have this print in both a woven wrap and DidyKlick as it is absolutely stunning. The texture of it is amazing I love a texture on fabric and it makes this very grippy for me. It has me practicing back carries again. I was told to get a wrap you love because you’d reach for it more. We use a sling a lot and our DidyKlick but this has me eager to have my toddler practicing on the back again. Absolutely in love all the way around!!

Water sling

Tried this out for a shower with the baby!!! Love the fast drying material

Happy customer

This is exactly what I needed. It will definitely keep me and baby warm on those mild days.

Glorious Prima!

A classic Prima in the most gorgeous cinnamon berry combo! Supportive and getting softer after only a few wears!

Sunshine for any day!

Sunset stripes is joy on any day! The yellow is a little deeper in real lift than in the pics, but it just makes it look that much sunnier! The fabric is soft and brushed! The waistband is supportive and shoulder straps are lovely and padded. There’s a great pocket too!

Toronto the Great!

Soft and smooth after the first wash! Super supportive and oh so beautiful! The colours are neutral, yet sophisticated!

Cute but not great

The backpack has little storage space, and the zipper is difficult to zip - feels like I’m going to rip it off because the fabric is thin and the zipper is cheap. Thought about using as a backpack for my kid, but my kid would destroy this the first day. I also wanted to use it as a diaper bag, but it’s too small.

Great Quality

The matte light bronze feels very contemporary yet still super versatile - purchased the large size to use for no sew sling rings and they are perfect!


My first doubleweave and I’m so impressed with how cushy yet easy to work with this is! I think this one will get a lot of use as my baby gets bigger - and the colours are just perfect. Even my big girl who was not wrapped as a baby could not resist trying this one out!


I had been eyeing various babywearing sweaters for a while and decided to give this one a try and am so glad I did - love the side zipper which makes putting on and taking off easy as well as there being no zippers near baby’s face or panels to keep track of. The best surprise - super handy pockets! The length is also perfect with leggings


These rings are exactly what I was looking for and the perfect add on to my order - even lovelier than the pictures! The shiny light grey is a nice variation from typical silver that reads a touch warmer. Very happy :)

Lovely carrier

I just purchased this carrier from the TBYB program. It is a beautiful carrier. I tried putting my son in the carrier but was having some difficulty. I reached out to Allie and she sent me some resources to try to troubleshoot and fix the placement of the carrier on my back. Thank you for all of your help Allie! You have amazing customer service and answer my questions when I need help!

Beautiful easy to use wrap

I'm borrowing this through the try before you buy program and it is amazing! I didn't think I'd like wrapping... and now I'm in the market for a wrap. This is beautiful, soft, and so easy to use.

I love it

It is so comfortable and the material is so luxurious!!

My first woven wrap experience

I can’t believe how comfortable it is. Takes a minute to get it on and off but my little one asks for the wrap so I call that a win! I don’t remember her asking for any other carriers!

Great set!

These blankets are so soft and cozy! They look great and are the perfect size, even as baby grows bigger. Super happy with these!

Love these!

They look great and are so practical to distract baby while nursing or to offer something safe to bite down on when teething.

Integra Rust Review

Overall, I like this carrier. I like how lightweight it is and how little space it takes up. I also like the color and the feel of the fabric. The padded straps are nice as well. The only thing that I don't love is tightening. It is hard to get the straps buckled, and even harder to tighten them because of the angle of the clips and straps. I am going to keep working on how to prevent teh straps from creeping, but I find it a bit tricky to be honest.

Lovely wraps

Lovely wraps, great sale, fast shipping super pleased

Super cute carrier!

My daughter loves carrying her "babies" in the Tula toy carrier! At 2.5 yo, we have it on the smallest setting, so she will be able to use it for a good long time!

first carrier purchase - love it!

This is perfect for folks who are interested in carriers (and maybe even wraps) but who are looking for something more accessible to use. I love the versatility of this - that I can change from front carry for my newborn to later back carry! Bonus that it adjusts to fit both my partner and myself (for context: I am 5'3" and fairly petite-framed; he is 6' and around 200 lbs). Excited to have this option!

Almost perfect

There are so many things I absolutely love about this: the ability to wear it with a back carry, the little flap to cover your chest in a front carry, the beautiful details in things like the leather tag and contrasting hood pulls, the perfect weight of the fabric. You can tell it was designed very intentionally by someone who knows the ins and outs of babywearing. I really only have one complaint, and it’s that the zippers are grumpy sometimes. I’m hoping it’s just because it’s new and needs to be used a bit. Other than that, I think it’s fabulous!

Fast shipping, great products

I was looking everywhere for Tula blanket sets but no one has them in stock. Thank you so much! Order was fulfilled fast and arrived in perfect condition!