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Bright and easy to spot in a crowd!
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Got this to go on holiday for the other "not so littles" to be able to spot us pretty quickly! This onbu feels weightless and I'm excited to get the hang of it and be able to do more with baby on my back!

I love LZO
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I have bought from this small company many times and very much pleased with each and every transaction. Every time the product is perfect and shipped quickly. Also, babywearing RULES.

Soft, Supportive, and customizable
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This carrier offers the best of both worlds the speed and structure of a buckle carrier and the softness, beauty, and customization of a wrap. the color is beautiful, soft, but crisp. I would absolutely recommend this carrier!

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Reviews of Baby Carriers: Ring Slings, Meh Dais, woven Wraps, SSCs Buckle Carriers, Onbuhimos and our babywearing accessories, including hoodIes, coats, booties, sling rings, sunscreen, + more!
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Europe and back

Went on a 6 week trip with our 7 month old baby and carried him EVERYWHERE. He loved being up high, looking around, and having us a glance away. We were lucky that it never got too hot or else the carrying might have been unbearable. In general the wrap worked wonders and we traveled Europe without bringing a stroller.

Beachfront Baby is great for water and land

This has been a well loved ring sling. We use it for showers, the pool, and now that it is hot out we often use it for baby wearing around the house and when out as it is such a thin and breathable carrier. Absolutely perfect for water and land, it dries quickly and is easy to use and pop baby in and out. It is one of my most versatile carriers for that reason - I highly recommend it. Love LZO, fast shipping, amazing service, and so happy to support a small mama run business.

Prima Aurora Ring Sling is SO Amazing

This is an excellent ring sling. The pink and blue with the stone grey gradient are so beautiful. I have a boy and use it with him, but it would be great with a girl, I love how it is gender inclusive in that sense. It was quick to learn how to use, and has quickly become a daily use carrier for me. I use it around the house, and almost always use it for quick trips to stores. I recently used it for air travel and cant imagine not having it. The weave is beautiful, supportive, easy to tighten and adjust. It was soft from the very first wash, and easy to further break in since. I am low key obsessed with this ring sling - you wont regret getting it. Love LZO, fast shipping, amazing service, and so happy to support a small mama run business.

Mosaic is stunning

This wrap is simply put, the most beautiful wrap I own. The colours are amazing. This wrap actually shines in person, something you cant quite catch with a photo. It is medium thick and supportive with good grip, easy to tie, and very supportive. When my husband first felt it he commented on its high quality weave. It is easy to wrap with and an absolute pleasure to wear. I am so happy I choose this one, mosaic is outstanding. Love LZO, fast shipping, amazing service, and so happy to support a small mama run business.

Sole Levante is a great wrap

This wrap is great to use. I find it thin but supportive which makes it very easy for me to tighten and get a snug fit. It is the wrap me and my husband use the most these days. The colours are so lovely, I am a sucker for the natural earthy hues in this gradient. It has also been lovely for hot weather wearing recently. It is a household go-to wrap and I highly recommend it for beginners and expert wrappers alike! Love LZO, fast shipping, amazing service, and so happy to support a small mama run business.

Pebble is a lovely wrap

Pebble is so soft and beautiful right out of the box. Such a pleasure to wrap with. The stone grey colour is amazing, photos dont do it justice. It matches every outfit, perfect! It is neat that it is an LZO exclusive as well. Love LZO, fast shipping, amazing service, and so happy to support a small mama run business.

Lisca Sunrise is amazing

I wish I had this wrap in every size plus a ring sling. I have it in a size 3 (base minus 3) and I absolutely love it. This lisca is incredibly soft right out of the box - such a delight to hold and use. It wraps around us so gently and comfortably. It is thin while highly supportive. The colours are more stunning in person, I regularly get compliments on its colours when I use this wrap!! It is wonderful as well for warmer weather use. So many wonderful things about this wrap, it is amazing!! Love LZO, fast shipping, amazing service, and so happy to support a small mama run business.

Zephyr is perfection

From the moment I saw someone in a photo wearing Zephyr, I knew I had to get it. This wrap holds up to the hype - stunning weave, colours on point, and lovely motif design. It is a little thick and very supportive. Soft with a short amount of use. Cushy and ties easily. It is both mine and my husbands favourite wrap!! I highly recommend it!! Love LZO, fast shipping, amazing service, and so happy to support a small mama run business.

Sling rings are a must have accessory

I love these sling rings. The PERFECT woven wrap accessory. They made the difference between successful robins hip carry and not! I also used them to do a hip carry with a didyklick. As I learn back carries, these will be particularly useful for beautiful sling ring finishes!! The rings are very high quality, beautiful, and practical. The colours are all so lovely. Love LZO, fast shipping, amazing service, and so happy to support a small mama run business.

Love my didyklick

As a woven wrap girl at heart, I very much appreciate the quality wrap material used to make this beautiful and practical half buckle carrier. It it wonderful it can be used from birth to toddlerhood without any accessories. The waist belt is comfortable. The material in the Ocean colour is soft and lovely and not prone to snags at all. I have done front carry, hip carry (with and without a sling ring, so pretty!) and my very first back carry ever was with a didyklick (so easy to learn with this!). The hood is useful. It is just such a comfortable carrier - we use it almost daily, I highly recommend it!! Love LZO, fast shipping, amazing service, and so happy to support a small mama run business.

This is a perfect carrier

I am in LOVE with my integra carrier. It is lightweight, slick, and so comfortable. Incredibly easy to use. Can use it for long carries. I even easily learned back carries with this. The sun hood is so practical, we use it all the time. I also love how it is a collab with didymos - such a beautiful pattern. I am so very happy with this purchase, we use this buckle carrier all the time! Love LZO, fast shipping, amazing service, and so happy to support a small mama run business.

First order!

This was my first order with little Zen one!! And it was awesome!! Easy checkout and Timely shipping!! The wrap it’s self is awesome!! It’s meeting all my needs being it’s my first one! My little one loves it!

Beautiful and Versatile

I never thought I’d find a colourful wrap that I’d like, but this is it. It’s stunning and incredibly supportive. A little stiff but has softened up nicely.

Great option to a wrap or a meh dai!

I got this as an option for my husband or other caregivers to use instead of wraps or meh dais. This is pretty easy to understand how to use. I love how each person can adjust the Klick to their own body shape and comfort level. And the wrap fabric is so comfortable for baby and caregiver! The only thing I didn't prefer is the waistband, which is a foam belt around, but I do prefer woven wraps overall, so there's my bias. Overall the DidyKlick is a fantastic option for anyone who is overwhelmed by options and wants something that is easy to learn and easy to adjust. And I love the Kanga Cool pattern! Not as common (actually very uncommon) but an easy, fun pattern. (PS sorry my pics are sideways, I don't know how to change that!)

Very good!!

This cloth has firmness peculiar to linen at the beginning and is hard, but very light and cool. Perfect for a hot, humid summer in Japan! I'm looking forward to becoming soft and soft!

Amazing Carrier

I loved the material and how well the carrier conformed to me and baby! Was able to easily use with my newborn! Love the print, perfect for a gender neutral look!

Perfect carrier!

I am absolutely in love with this carrier! I've had a ring sling, wrap, and SSC for my 5 week old baby, but just wasn't finding the love with any of them. This Meh Dai blew them all out of the water. It's so easy to put on, and the fabric is SO comfortable. Very soft for my newborn, very light for the heat we are already getting in Texas, but so very supportive at the same time. Plus this colorway is to die for!! I liked this carrier so much, I have listed my other carriers since I'm not using them at all any more.

A lovely lightweight Mei Dai perfect for summer

I bought this DidyTai on a whim, because I love its colourway! It’s incredibly thin and airy, it will be perfect in hot summer weather. Thank you!

Best toy carrier!

We got this for our daughter so she wouldn’t feel left out when we’re carrying her sisters and she loves it! The quality is perfect and it’s so easy to pop on her.

Gorgeous print and comfy straps, don't love the waistband

I was so excited to get this, and I really do like it! Tula prints are beautiful, and wrap straps are soooo much easier to do by myself. My kiddo and I use it when I take him on the morning bus to daycare/work twice a week, after my husband's already left the house. I'm not great at doing the back clip on an SSC by myself, but I hated the giant knots of fabric at my back in a wrap-tai, so this half-buckle is the perfect solution. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the Tula waistband (I'm spoiled by my Kinderpack). It's not especially comfortable, the side clip style of it is kind of a pain to adjust, and I find that unless I make it super tight, it doesn't really stay parallel to the ground. On the whole however, I'm very happy with it and glad I got it. It's my go-to carrier for when I'm by myself with my kiddo. It gets compliments all the time!

Local Love!

My husband talked me down from getting a wrap, but I really wanted something from the Toronto Lines series, so I got a long scarf (half-width, waterfront & partial CN Tower). I live in Japan now, so wearing it gives me a feeling of connection to my Canadian home. Also love that I am able to support two small local businesses (Little Zen One and Gotamago) in one go!


I bought these rings to make a ring sling. The rose gold turned out to be so beautiful against my rose prima. Such amazing quality. I absolutely love little zen one

Boys wear pink too!

Did you know Pantone named “Coral” as Colour of the Year 2019? Yes, but Didymos was doing coral before coral was cool 😎 Prima Corallina (2016) is stunning; the coral warp is vibrant and soft, while the white weft is shiny and strong. Together they make a wrap that is a toddler-prison dream, holds firm any wrap job, stunning enough for a fancy occasion, but still easy care for every day use. We LOVE this wrap. Thanks LZO for the recommendation!

So comfy

This is the perfect weight for spring wearing, its soft and comfy and keeps both me and babe happy on our walks.


This jacket is super awesome. I love how I'll be use it when the babywearing days end. Thanks so much for helping me pick it out! Awesome customer service!