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Silk & Wood nursing necklace is made of 100% NATURAL SILK YARN, absolutely safe for babies.

♥ Silk yarn is THE MOST GENTLE to the touch yarn!
♥ The mum necklace intended to go around the moms neck for your baby to enjoy a teether while being held. You can also wrap it onto a sling or stroller.

♥ No small parts makes the nursing necklace safe for babies to suck on.
♥ The crochet string stretches when your baby grabs it whether on your hip or in a sling.
♥ The necklace is also great to wear when you are nursing so your babies hands are distracted from clawing at your chest.
♥ Mum necklace is great for teething. Wood is the most natural thing a child can put in their mouth, free of chemicals and dyes found in plastic.
♥ The wood we use (applewood or juniperwood) produced in the ecologically clean area of the Baltic States, the wooden pendant is crafted by hand and finished with organic linseed-oil.
♥ Juniper beads have soft and tasty odor.
♥ The beads are threaded onto a crochet silk string that is very gentle on the touch. String can be adjusted to suit.

♥ Wood pendant measure: approx. 1,4"/3,5 cm in diameter,
♥ Total Length of the string is 42" / 110 cm.

#1 Pistachio - Applewood
#2 Pistachio - Juniper
#3 Olive - Applewood
#4 Olive - Juniper
#5 Emerald - Applewood
#6 Turquoise - Applewood

Handmade in the Ukraine
Materials: silk yarn, applewood, juniperwood, love

Wash the necklace by hand with mild soap in warm water. Do not soak.

Customer Reviews

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I love the subtle colour and how it goes with everything.

Stylish necklace

Love the natural wood and soft yarn of this lovely teething necklace. Baby loves to play with it while nursing or being carried. What I love the most is that it doesn't pull on my neck like silicone teething necklaces do. It's so light, I don't even feel it. I will continue to wear this stylish necklace long after baby looses interest. The colours and simplicity are just lovely.

Beautiful and functional

I just love my necklace! It's beautiful and functional. The soft cord doesn't bother my skin, and baby can safely mouth the wood and string.

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