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Moonlight Sonata Tula Mini Toy Carrier - Toy CarrierLittle Zen One4147262785

Moonlight Sonata Tula Mini Toy Carrier

Tula Mini Toy Carrier Moonlight Sonata. 

Serenade baby with soothing sways in our Moonlight Sonata print. It is filled a serene scene of rolling waves, whales, and lighthouses against a night blue background.

Play pretend and be the cutest babywearer just like mommy or daddy! Our children love being just like their biggest heroes and now they can carry their lovey or baby doll in a Tula Mini Toy Carrier that looks just like your Tula baby carrier! Share memories from your early bonding time or have your big kid be a part of the babywearing fun that you share with a new sibling with the gift of a Tula Mini Toy and Doll Carrier.

*All images of this products are for representation purposes only. Please be aware that the final product in hand may have slight variations in color, pattern placement, snap or zipper color, and texture when compared to the product photo.*

Moonlight Sonata Tula Mini Toy Carrier

$29.00 USD