A Babywearing Story

A Babywearing Story

By Leah, mom to two, Arizona

I walked in, head held high, with my bag full of cloth diapers and a Moby wrap gifted to me from my Amazon baby registry. It was the day dedicated to newborn care during our birth classes. I watched with enthusiasm as our teacher put on her stretchy wrap and showed my practiced skill with pride as the class joined her in wrapping. 
leah learning to babywear moby
I didn't babywear all that often with that first baby. The Moby wrap was too hot to wear in the hot Arizona summer. I played around with the B'jorn I had acquired at Target, but I felt quickly that it wasn't comfortable for my back. My dad gifted me a Catbird baby Pikkolo that we shopped for at a local baby store. I was more than a little thrilled when I found a Beco Butterfly II and a Maya ring sling at a local resale shop. I never found a comfortable spot for the ring sling to sit on my shoulder. I kept babywearing for walks and sometimes trips to the store. My daughter happily went along for the ride especially if there was nursing involved. 

When I was pregnant with my second, I vowed to become an avid babywearer. I searched for the perfect wrap: colorful, but not too colorful. Woven, but not too expensive. I scrolled meticulously through the Facebook babywearing swaps until I landed on a Girasol mojito. As soon as it arrived, I had my 2 year old up in a ruck. Or something resembling a ruck. The Girasol felt sturdy and blanket soft.

It traveled with us to Florida, albeit mostly as a blanket. I remember sitting on the plane, its blue-green stripes keeping my 2 year old warm as she slept on what was left of my lap while her sister kicked away from inside. 

leah learning to babywear moby

I still had 16 weeks left in my pregnancy and that girasol was a size 3. I knew I'd "need" a longer wrap too. I wanted something with a pattern which wouldn't be overwhelming. Something that would go with anything, so back to the babywearing swaps I went. And when our new baby arrived, it was a classic Didymos dark blue and white Prima that held her close to me. The Prima had an airier weave than the Girasol. It was great for our still hot September weather. It felt supportive across my back and I could make small adjustments for comfort that weren't possible with the Moby. 

leah first wrap didymos easy to use

I wore her nearly everyday after the first. I did end up being an avid babywearer and my baby and I benefited immensely. It allowed me to keep her close while my hands were free to make coffee or help her big sister get ready for ballet class. As she grew I continued to try new wraps. I loved exploring weaves, textures, weights and colors.

leah and daughter back carry didymos easy

Eventually I rediscovered my Catbird Baby Pikkolo. It doesn't need an added infant insert and gave me the ability to make lots of little adjustments similar to woven wraps. I also tried other ring slings and they ended up being my favorite for shorter outings. There were many brands that I enjoyed, but the complex simplicity of Didymos was always my favourite. No matter the form or brand, I'm so glad to have found babywearing. 

leah's firt back carry ruby gold os

What carrier will you "find"? And where will it take you?

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