5 Ways I Use Babywearing as a Doula

5 Ways I Use Babywearing as a Doula

As a parent, babywearing saved me. I don’t know how I could have managed infancy and toddlerhood with twins, without using wraps and carriers. From getting my babies to sleep, to the practicalities of getting two babies and myself out the door. From comfort and soothing and having my babies bond with myself, their dad and other family members and friends, babywearing was a downright dream.

As a doula, babywearing is a huge part of my repertoire, as I know how valuable it can be to new families. The benefits of babywearing truly are wonderful – magic fairy dust, many will in fact say!

Here are 5 of the main ways that I use babywearing as a Birth & Postpartum Doula and Educator, to support the families I work with:

1. Educating families on prenatal comforts. I work with families through their pregnancies, offering in person, virtual and text/phone support. One thing I love sharing with families, is how wraps can be used during pregnancy, to support growing bellies.  At our in person visits, I also make sure to walk through a variety of postures, with shorter wraps or rebozos, that help ease discomforts of pregnancy, and also help prepare them for their labours.

2. Wearing babies at postnatal visits.  As a postpartum doula, part of my role is to help parents meet not only their babies’ needs, but also their own. Sometimes that means that I will wear a baby, while a parent takes a nap or nourishes themselves, in other ways. It’s a very cozy part of the job, and I’m so glad to have great carriers in my collection, to share with families. My favourites include:

3. Facilitating skin to skin and bonding. There is no denying the importance of skin to skin for babies and their parents. Using babywearing is a useful way to facilitate skin to skin. I love to recommend  The Sleep Belt. It’s a perfect option, for hospital stays, and/or lounging and importantly, recovering in bed. Stretchy wraps, like the Beluga Baby, and Woven Wraps, like any Didymos, are super cozy and comfortable as an option for around the house. They allow parents to get up and do a few things, but also keep baby close.

4. Teaching parents to wear their babiesOne part I absolutely love about my job, is introducing and educating parents on the benefits and practicalities of babywearing. To enhance my skills, as a doula, I’ve taken a Babywearing Educator certification course, to ensure I am offering parents the best. I know that I can confidently help families find a wrap or carrier that truly meets their own physical and aesthetic needs, and their babies’ needs. And ensure that they are confident in safely and comfortably wearing their babies. And of course, I direct them to Little Zen One regularly, for extra expert tips and to source their goodies.

  5. Carrying support tools to births.  Have you seen the incredible lines of  Integra Backpacks ? I adore mine and wish I’d had it as a diaper/baby stuff bag for my littles, when they were babies. I have it now though, and use it as my birth bag, for birth doula support. It’s large enough to fit all of my stuff and it’s extremely comfortable. It’s also gorgeous!

Babywearing is a huge part of my repertoire as a doula and I wouldn’t have it any other way. While seeing new life enter this world, is already so very magical. Babywearing makes me feel like Mary Poppins, sprinkling magic fairy dust on babies and new parents, and pulling a range of comfort tools from my babywearing bag.

Kate Sissons is a Birth & Postpartum Doula, Childbirth, Babywearing, Infant Sleep & Breastfeeding Educator, and Yoga Instructor in Toronto. She is deeply passionate about all things pregnancy, birth, baby, and movement related. She is also a mother to 5 year old twins (whom sometimes still get carried!), who keep her life spicy and full of joy. She loves to fill her literal cup with green tea, turmeric lattes and green smoothies. Her metaphorical cup bubbles over, when she creates the space to dance with her little ones, unwind in a yoga class, and recharge with her village.

Find out more about Kate and her team at  www.katesissons.com


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I have had to wear my baby to a birth before. She slept the whole time while I supported my client.


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