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Didymos DidyKlick

If you are used to the security of a structured baby carrier, wish it was a little softer but scared of going all the way to a wrap, we have read your mind!  Introducing DidyKlick, a marriage made (in Germany) between the best of wrap and structured baby carriers.

When your sling holds your most precious gift in the world, it is natural to ask the world of it!  Most of these asks are really musts and include:

  • needs to be elastic, but must not wear out
  • should be durable yet not too heavy
  • easy to wash but not look worn or lose its shape
  • nice n soft, cannot tear though (we don’t want to be gentle with our carriers but we want them to be gentle to our babies!)
  • can’t contain any unsafe dyes or chemicals, because babies suck on it

Most good carriers hold up to these standards, therefore it was time to raise the bar, make a sling that delivers on all these characteristics and more.  Enter DidyKlick

What does DidyKlick have that is so wonderful and fabulous? The best of woven wraps and buckles in one amazing package.

What do we love about woven wraps? How they fit across our shoulders and chest: soft, flexible, snug.  What’s great about buckle carriers?  Solid support at the waist, the confidence of the ‘click’, intuitive and easy to use.  So, if you take the top half of the woven wrap and fuse it to the bottom half of a buckle carrier, you guessed it, you get the new amazing DidyKlick!

What do they say… the proof of the pudding is in the eating.  We have said enough here and hopefully vetted your appetite.  When you are ready we will be happy to pack and send you yours.

Ready, set, let’s DidyKlick you baby! 

 I'll walk you through a few of the product details. What’s special about DidyKlick?

  • a padded waistband that is very supportive and does a great job of taking the weight off of the shoulders and onto the hips and waist. 
  • a buckle to one side that tightens in one direction only therefore very easy to use and very secure
    Little Zen One Didymos Didyklick Adjustable Waist Belt
  • the baby panel adjusts in two ways:
  • width of the seat can be adjusted with the velcro attachment to the waist band - squeezed to fit a smaller baby (as small as 7lbs.) or pulled taut for toddler (all the way to 45lbs.).

  • The hood attaches via loops onto the straps and poppers secure it.  Perfect for naps on the go.
  • Little Zen One Didymos DidyKlick Headrest Shoulder Straps
  • There are loops on both sides of the straps making it possible to twist, spread, bunch the straps, as you wish. This provides a great fit and therefore comfort.
  • DidyKlick has 4 carrying positions:  Front, Back, Hip and Onbuhimo (just like a rucksack – baby is high on the back without a waist band). 

In summary, if you are looking to get one carrier that will go from a small baby all the way to bigger child, has the flexibility of being worn different ways and all the bells n whistles you can think of…stop your search!  DidyKlick has all this + amazingly quality construction and materials. 

Let me know which one you want and I will pack and ship your order!

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