Didymos Magic Forest '15 hemp : Wrap Review

Didymos Magic Forest '15 hemp : Wrap Review

Review by Fran Grant. Buy Now: https://www.littlezenone.com/products/didymos-jacquard-magic-forest-hemp-15

So Little Zen One (who this is on loan from) is pushing my limits with this one. Purple is just not my favourite colour, and I rarely use anything shorter than a 3, so this size 2 (albeit long at 2.86 m) is making me work! That said, so far I've been able to eke out Kangaroo, Semi FWCC, HJBC with a CCCB, Ruck, and of course rebozo. Pretty sure I could manage DH Rebozo once I'm more competent at getting baby on my back.

The colours are truly majestic ­- royal purple and a burnished, coppery bronze, and the design just pops. Flat sections have some hempy texture and drape, while the forest design looks and feels embossed, almost embroidered. Dressy but not precious ­- an elegant beater. It'll take some breaking in but that should happen easily. My tester had one wash and a steam iron before getting to me, and is already quite malleable with my 3­ month­-old (though tying off in those short ends was a challenge). Feels like it will flop up very nicely.

Great support without being overly thick, and much lighter in hand and less dense than it looks. Not much stretch. I'd totally rate it as a toddler-­friendly wrap. Not my choice for a newborn, but from a couple of months onwards, absolutely. The strength makes it perfect as a rebozo or shorty, but broken-­in, it'd be a kickass base as well. A kiddo double­-hammocked in this would be trapped like a bird in a gorgeous gilded cage.

Didymos Magic Forest '15 - hempDidymos Magic Forest '15 hempDidymos Magic Forest '15 hempDidymos Magic Forest '15 hempDidymos Magic Forest '15 hempDidymos Magic Forest '15 hemp

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