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Love I love the versatility and beauty of this carrier. I have back issues and can carry my baby with ease. Little Zen One’s shipping was fast and I couldn’t be more happy with my purchase.

I love LZO
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I have bought from this small company many times and very much pleased with each and every transaction. Every time the product is perfect and shipped quickly. Also, babywearing RULES.

The Whole Family is in ❤️
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Our new Tula makes baby wearing a delight for everyone. )! So easy to put on. Our little man falls asleep in it around the house and we love the closeness and comfort... My husband, babe and I all adore it!

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Didymos Prima Grande: Wrap Review

Posted by Alexandra Dennis on

Didymos Prima Grande: Wrap Review

Review by Fran Grant.

buy: Prima grande

First impressions: squashy, spongey, mouldable and some stretch. I needed to pay more attention to top rail tightening but despite that it was a snug wrap job. (Baby fell asleep soon after.) Wraps true to Didy size as best I can tell. I'm a base 5-6 and can (just) wrap back around to knot FWCC in front in my 6. Really cushy on the shoulders. I keep wanting to squeeze it because of that spongey quality! I think an iron will smooth out the slight puffiness the weave has from washing, and make it feel softer and smoother. It was soft to the touch out of the box and I'm sure ironing will bring that back.

The pattern is quite busy, especially with all the length, but I feel like it will do a really cozy DH once baby's older so am glad to have it in a base size. It'd be great as a mid-length wrap too (with a 4, I'd prob still use it to FWCC while I could eke that out of the length). I'm not really a rebozo-er so hard to say personally how it would function as a super shorty, but I've seen positive reports. Because of the stretch I'd be inclined to say that rebozo or single-layer carries would be more suited to smaller wrappees, but on the other hand the cushiness would likely make it pretty comfy on the shoulder's.

After some repeated wearing: still unironed because I'm lazy, but it's lost the crunchiness from air drying. Tightens easily and has a truly bandagey feel, with stretch and recoil. More mouldable than any regular Prima I've tried, presumably due to the longer floats. Marshmellowy in a way reminiscent of Liscas but also totally its own thing. Snug without being constricting. It feels like a hug.

Indio Grande - Didymos - Wrap Review - Little Zen OneIndio Grande - Didymos - Wrap Review - Little Zen OneIndio Grande - Didymos - Wrap Review - Little Zen OneIndio Grande - Didymos - Wrap Review - Little Zen OneIndio Grande - Didymos - Wrap Review - Little Zen OneIndio Grande - Didymos - Wrap Review - Little Zen One

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