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Babywearing means I can keep my daughter close to me and happy all while still being able to get things done! Love the bond it lets us share


Getting to snuggle, bond, and get things done! <3


Babywearing means closeness to me. I love being able to snuggle my baby while getting things done!

Lauren Hunt

Unlimited baby-head sniffing and toesie grabbing is what it means to me!

Gabriela Cernochova

My baby already means a world to me and I hope babywearing will bond us even more

Yukana Yanai

Babywearing means sharing shiny moments with family!


It means closeness.

Jen Smith

Babywearing means being close with my baby girl, bonding with her, and being able to get things done…like eat a meal! Babywearing is so important to me and my family.

Lai Siew Ling

Babywearing means lovely cuddle and precious short bonding time with baby


Babywearing means closeness and comfort and snuggles and love for my twins. It means freedom and indepence for my toddler boy! I can still take him out on adventures while keeping my girls close.


Babywearing means the world to our family!!! Less imo


Best parenting hack EVER!


Babywearing means keeping my little ones close even when life demands I do other things.

Aleah Burris

Babywearing means keeping little ones close and comfortable!

Ambar Rivera

Babywearing means keeping my babies close while still having my hands free. I love all the cuddles I get <3

Kari Dixon

Babywearing means getting to savor as many moments as I possibly can while still getting things done!

Ineke Eddy

Babywearing means making bonds and memories that last longer than the baby years!

Laur T

Babywearing means things still get done when little legs get tired.

Hannah Winebarger

Babywearing means freedom to me. Freedom to parent my baby more comprehensively while moving more easily through the world.

Jessica Potter

Babywearing means love to me.

Katherine Adams

To me, babywearing means a quiet happy baby, free hands, and a time with my toddler.

Michelle P

Babywearing means longer hugs, less tantrums, bigger adventures, and more love. It means having my hands free to feel less frustration with the amount of need that can be daunting at times. Babywearing created space for my postpartum adjustments and invited me into an open community full of wonderful humans going through many of the same day to day challenges I face.

Stephanie Tomlinson

Babywearing means not having to choose between my baby’s need to be held and my adult responsibilities.


I love the bond we get from wearing, and seeing my children value it just as much as I do. Also, it is a great way to cover up stains on an otherwise nice outfit ;)

Klara Miklos Martinov

To me, babywearing means holding my partner’s hand and going to a walk with him & still being able to kiss our baby girl and smell her hair while she peacefully sleeps on my chest <3


Babywearing means freedom!

Ashley Marlow

Baby wearing is beautiful and strengthens the bond


Baby wearing means keeping my little one close even when I need two hand to attend to my old daughter or manage other tasks.


Heart to heart snuggles

Hannah B

Baby wearing means lots of things, some of what it means to me is: being hands free and getting things done, being comfortable, and most importantly keeping my baby close to me :-)

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