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Giveaway: $100 Gift Card

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babywearing means to me that i can still comfort my baby but not be tied down. that naptime isnt disrupted by outings with my other kiddos. that strangers and over aggressive relatives dont even ask to hold or touch because she is secure to me. It means shes safe if i step away from my cart for a moment. it means i can go for walks, hike, garden, do chores. it means i can fundraise, rehab firefighters, and photograph events without hiring a babysitter at the drop of a hat. its bonding, its security, its comfort, its beautiful fabrics and lots of babywearing selfies.

Audrey Bird

Babywearing is freedom to move in the city center hands free without a heavy stroller to lift over steps, with baby above exhaust pipe level and able to see the world. It is also warm cuddles when I come back from work and my daughter and I both crave contact after being apart for a while.

Mila Bacchini

Baby wearing means I can “spoil” my baby boy as long as I want. And, it really helps when I’m grocery shopping.


Babywearing means I can keep my youngest close and safe, while having both hands free…one for each of my toddlers!


It means ALL. THE. SNUGGLES. (They grow too quickly)

Tapia Stover

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