Integra Baby Carrier - The Best Buckle Carrier You May Not Have Heard Of

integra baby north america
Integra Baby makes compact comfortable baby carriers in a wide variety of styles. 
In solids, prints, wrap conversions and solar protective water carrier - there's one for everyone.

Used from birth to 52 pounds.
Perfect for travel or popping in your bag on the go.

You are guaranteed to find one you love in the size you need.

Check out the collection here.

integra baby solar water carrier
What Other Parents Are Saying
integra baby carrier solar review
integra baby review
integra baby carrier solar water review

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I’d love a carrier that can get wet and is so compact! Perfect for trips to the beach!


I actually have heard of Integra baby! I would love to win because I love to babywear my kids! I’ve never tried this carrier, and would like to see if it would work for us!


We go to the beach all the time and have been searching for a carrier that is water safe. This looks perfect!


My twins are growing fast but I still have a 3.5 year old that will still go “uppy” sometimes so we need a bigger solar. Would love to try Integra since I know Connecta was a trusted great carrier for us.

Stefanie Michaelsen Byrne

I appreciate that this carrier can be used in the water. Perfect for the hot summer ahead.


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