Oscha Woven Wrap Giveaway

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Happy Spring, babywearers and expectant parents

Here's your chance to win an Oscha Woven Wrap.

Oscha's woven wraps are ethically woven in Scotland and we are proud to be your only North American retailer.

At Little Zen One, I strive to create a community of confident and caring babywearers - and we've carefully curated the BEST in baby carriers and babywearing accessories, just for you.

Why do we love Oscha?

  • Beautiful patterns

  • Exciting fabric Blends

  • Artisanally and Ethically made

oscha woven wraps united states canada north america


Follow the instructions here, you don't have to do ALL the steps, but the more steps you do, the more entries you get!


a Little Zen One Giveaway



Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful wrap

— Oh un love with starry night and rei prophet,

Wow this is so good

— Lida,

I love Misty Mountains! I have never tried this one.

— Nichole,


— Flo,

I love the blend on the Zorro very cushy

— Christina ,

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