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What's the difference between the DidyTai and DidyKlick?

by Alexandra Dennis July 31, 2018

Didymos DidyKlick and DidyTai - what's the difference?

1. Waistbelt

The DidyTai has a soft waist-belt, no padding, the bottom of the panel can be adjusted with a toggle or by manually scrunching. It may be worn "apron" style or non apron style* and it is secured with a knot.

The DidyKlick has a soft padded waist belt. The panel adjust on the waist-belt with velcro and a toggle to narrow the base of the panel.

2. Panel

The DidyTai has a slightly smaller panel. 

The DidyKlick The bottom edges of the panel are padded (the part behind your little one's knees.)

3. The Hood

The hood, used for support and to hold your little one's head up while they are sleeping, is secured by straps and snaps on the DidyKlick, and by strings and toggles on the DidyTai.

4. Materials

The DidyKlick rolled out in early 2018, see the range of the collection here.

At present, the DidyTai is available in much larger variety of fabric an color styles. 
See the collection here: See the DIdyTai collection here 

(with the whole front of the carrier against your legs when you tie it on, or with the waist-belt folded and part of panel against your legs when you tie it on)

Alexandra Dennis
Alexandra Dennis

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