Win a DidyKlick Silver from Little Zen One

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Happy Holidays, babywearers and expectant parents. Here's your chance to win a DIdyKlick Silver, one of our most popular carriers from 2020.

We strive to create a community of confident and caring babywearers - and we've carefully curated the BEST in baby carriers and babywearing accessories, just for you.

Why do we love the DidyKlick?

  • Easy to use

  • More supportive than other carriers

  • More comfortable than other carriers

  • Fits a wide variety of people and babies (from newborn to toddler)

win a didyklick silver from little zen one


Follow the instructions here, you don't have to do ALL the steps, but the more steps you do, the more entries you get!


a Little Zen One Giveaway



I’d love to win this so my husband could have one to use!!!

— Sarah,

I’d love to win this beautiful carrier! As a working momma, babywearing helps me soak in all the cuddles on nights and weekends 💙

— Alex soliz,

Me and my husband were is a really bad accident and survived somehow. He had his arm crushed and broken and my acl was torn. At the hospital I found out I was having a baby. Its awesome! Even though we have had a hard time we look forward to everyday we will have with our little baby Dream girl. Life is a beautiful miracle. Live it to the fullest with your beautiful lil creations.

— Amarye,

Would absolutely love the chance to win a Didyklick to gift ❤ thanks for organizing this!!

— Sally ayers,

I would love to win a i can give it as a present to my cousin . 1st baby and she need a carrier

— Stellina,

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