Helpful Babywearing Acronyms

BWCC – Back Wrap Cross Carry
It's a lot, we know! Here's a list of Helpful Babywearing Acronyms

CCC – Charlie’s Cross Carry
CCCB – Candy Cane Chest Belt
CHCC – Coolest Hip Cross Carry
DH – Double Hammock
DHDR – Double Hammock Double Ring
FCC – Front Cross Carry
FDH – Front Double Hammock
FWCC – Front Wrap Cross Carry
GSM - Grams per Square Meter
HJBC – Half Jordan Back Carry
IOCHCC – Inside Out Coolest Hip Cross Carry
MCC – Miriam’s Cross Carry
Pirate Carry - Not an acronym but pirate carry is called so because RRR
PWCC – Pocket Wrap Cross Carry
RBC – Ruckless Bikini Carry
RJBC – Russian Jordan Back Carry
S2S – Shoulder to Shoulder
SHBC – Secure High Back Carry
TAS – Tied At Shoulder
TIF – Tied In Front
TT – Tied Tibetan
TUB – Tied Under Bum