Didymos DidyTai Metro Monochrome

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DidyTai Meh Dai Sizing

Measurements and Details

The DidyTai fits little ones from newborn to 45lb. 

It fits a wide range of adults. Measurements for the carrier as follows.

Shoulder straps: length about. 200 – 220 cm / 79 - 87", width about 33 cm / 13".
Hip straps: length 85-90 cm / 33 - 36 .5 ", width 9 – 12 cm / 3.5 - 5"

Body part:
Height abt. 68 cm / 27" (incl. head rest)
Width: abt. 42 cm / 16.5" 
Base: adjustable from 20 to 42 cm / 8 - 16.5" 

*The Didy Meh-Dai DidyTai will shrink 4-5 cm / 1 - 1.5" after the first wash.

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Didymos DidyTai Metro Monochrome. Didymos DidyTais offer the comfort and support of a woven wrap in the ease and form of a mei tai style carrier. They are used from newborn to toddler as the length and width of the front panel are adjustable. DidyTais come in one size. They are are a great alternative to soft structured carriers for the infant stage and will grow with your baby.

Material: 100% Organic Cotton
Colour: Black, White
Fabric Weight: 210 GSM
Washable: Up to 60°C / 140
°F, Gentle Cycle, Low Spin Speed 

The DidyTai is a soft and easy to use Meh Dai baby carrier, made from a rectangular piece of woven baby wrap - the same comfortable woven fabrics as Didymos woven wraps -  with four straps sewn to its corners. It may be worn on the front, hip, and back. When carried, your little one will be in a spread-squat-position, to guarantee healthy positioning of their hip joints. The carrier features a drawstring to adjust the width, allowing you to use from newborn on. 

The fabric and carrier are woven and manufactured in Germany and are not treated chemically either before or after manufacturing.

How to wear the DidyTai? Download instructions here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Happy mama and baby

I am in love with this carrier. I have tried other wraps from different companies. It always ended the same way, my back hurting after 30 mins no matter which way I tied it. Not this one, it is fast to put on, light and airy even in the dry desert heat. Plus my son falls asleep in it just as fast as he does in his ergo. Could not be more happier with my purchase.

Love my new carrier !

Unlike my 1st who loved to be carried my daughter did not feel at ease and the carrier I had was not really working. Thanks to Allie's advice we selected a carrier that works for both of us ! I really love my new didytai- it is super soft and very comfy. I would definitely recommend it.

Great carrier

Very pleased with my purchase
Thanks again

Ayana Didytai

This carrier is beautiful and wonderfully soft straight from the box. It is so easy to change the panel to fit my tiny squish! I love this pattern!!!

Love this carrier

I wanted to try a Meh Dai style carrier and loved that this one is adjustable in the seat for smaller babies. It fits my 6kg 3 month old well and is easy to put on with a bit of practice. I find it more comfortable than my soft structured carrier and love that there is no adjusting between users. My little one likes to lean to one side in carriers and this carrier does the best job of preventing that. I had to wait a few weeks because it was backordered but little zen one followed up with an email to let me know, so I feel like I enjoyed good customer service. Thanks!

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