Didymos Mystic Petrol hemp Old Standard OS 1975


Didymos Mystic Petrol hemp 1975 Old Standard (OS) 2016 After much demand, this one-wrap-to-rule-them-all has been re released!

Hemp offers superb moldability and support.Hemp wraps become cushiony - a wrap quality referred to as cush or bounce - and buttery soft when broken in. A hemp wrap may take longer to “break in” but will be worth the effort. Like all Didymos wraps, they offer support in the width and length, with great diagonal stretch.

70% Organic Cotton, 30% hemp
Turquoise, Petrol, Natural
190 GSM 

You can read more about Didymos strong commitment to safe, ethical, and organic cotton here. How do you wash your Didymos? Washing instructions

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