FrejaToys White Poppy Nursing Necklace

FrejaToys White Poppy nursing necklace in white, cream and mocha colors with a beautiful crochet flower in cream color is a cute shower gift; also the nursing necklace is a way to make your everyday wardrobe shine. Crochet mommy necklace makes wearing necklaces and being a mom a fantastically awesome pair! It is a simple way to elevate the everyday mommy-combo of jeans and t-shirt. Must have accessory if you are a babywearing mommy!

Nursing necklace helps catch your baby’s attention and stimulate them to look and explore. Different textures help to evolve your child's fine motor skills. This nursing necklace should be used as a teething toy.

This necklace is 100% natural and it is made with covering wooden beads with a cotton thread. Every bead is fixed on the cord with knots. Thus, the bead can not be moved or removed.

Crocheted beads measure: 0,7" (1,8 cm).
Total length of necklace is 44"/110 cm

Materials: cotton, cotton yarn, wood, wooden bead, juniper, love

Wash the necklace by hand with mild soap in warm water. 
Rinse the necklace in flowing water. Hang or lay flat to dry.

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