Didymos Baby Woven Wrap Pfau Viozur linen


Didymos Baby Woven Wrap Pfau Viozur linen

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Didymos Pfau Viozur Linen.  A new, special Pfau woven for a Pfau-Lovers group - there's something different about this wrap! Unlike previous versions of the weave, the peacocks will be right side up when you wrap, not upside down! Weeeee. Perfection on a Viola purple warp with shimmering azure blue linen weft. Grip, strength, and beauty - you need to try one! Pfau is one of Didys longest standing and most ever-loved weaves. 

With its optimal diagonal stretch, it is easy to wrap with, whether for front, back or hip carries. A bit stiff at first, linen breaks in beautifully and gets really soft to the touch.  Linen is a favourite at Little Zen One. Linen breaks in to give you the utmost in support for infants to preschoolers. Linen’s lightweight and breathable properties make this blend a perfect summer wrap and the whole year through. Our days in Panama and Canada can make that promise! Linen is great for long wears as it slides and stretches less than other blends.

60% Organic Cotton, 40% linen
Viola, Azure Blue
280 GSM 
Released: September 26, 2017

How do you wash your Didymos woven wrap? Washing instructions

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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful wrap

This wrap was stiff when I got it but it has already softened up with a wash. The colour is beautiful and I cannot wait until I break this wrap in to see how soft it gets!

Didy linen is the best

This is an awesome wrap. Dense and on the thicker side, but not to difficult to wrap with. My toddler feels weightless and zero dig. A deep and rich purple with shimmering bird, looking forward to break this in.

A beautiful workhorse

This Pfau, dazzling with bright purple cotton and light aqua linen threads, is an absolutely hefty and supportive workhorse of a wrap, yet by no means beastly or hard to work with. It is dense and has a reasonable amount of grip, and while perhaps not my first choice for someone's very first woven wrap or for the tiniest of newborns, this is a carrier that can comfortably work for a big baby through the end of babywearing--I can comfortably carry my preschooler in a single layer carries for a reasonable amount of time.
It is a pleasure to look at, and the texture lends a somewhat spongey quality to in-hand feel, that combined with the drape and weight, makes Pfau Viozur a very luxurious and rich-feeling wrap.
Didymos peacocks are a personal favourite for wrapping qualities, and while I was am not usually one who chooses linen blends, Viozur truly knocked my socks off at the first try.
One that will certainly gain legendary status as they get broken in and more widely appreciated for the gentle but unyielding support, and the tweaked pattern with right-side-up birds, this Pfau is true love at our home!